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In the business marketing world of today, businesses need to stay sharp and on top of their game in order to develop and maintain market share.

Large corporations invest millions of dollars annually in keeping their name in the minds of consumers.

Your business may not have millions of dollars to budget for marketing but those businesses that effectively invest in a good solid marketing program will always prosper significantly over those businesses that rely on old, ineffective advertising methods or word of mouth alone.

There are several reasons why making South Fraser Digital Media an active part of your strategic marketing planning committee:

  • Our host locations are strategically placed in high traffic businesses throughout the City of Abbotsford
  • Each ad is played 1000s of times per month in each location
  • Unlike paper ads, digitally created Ads can (and should be) regularly updated to keep the ad fresh and relevant
  • We work with your other marketing partners to ensure proper Branding Practices for your products across the board.
  • We promote your website and Social Media in our ads
  • We have an ongoing program of accessing new marketing strategies and tools through creating alliances with other “Top of The Game” companies.
  • We have experience in day to day business so we understand

Having South Fraser Digital Media on your team is not a once per year visit to collect on the invoice! It is a working relationship that requires regular interactivity.

We work with you directly to ensure that we understand your ongoing needs. We also will work with your other team members to ensure a continuous flow of same content in all of your marketing efforts.

In today’s world and tomorrow’s world, Digital is the medium for accessing information. People look first to digital for accessing information. Doesn’t it make sense to focus your advertising in Digital?

Indoor Billboards.....

are a relatively new and exciting way to keep your brand awareness strategies flowing right in front of your customer base.

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